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NCLEX DIY Style Part 1

As of the moment Nursing, or should I say Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the top choice for High School Students going to college (specially the one’s who wants to migrate elsewhere). For some reason the vocation, a calling to serve others became a job, a business or sometimes a ‘racket’. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against it, we all, are working hard and doing our best not just for ourselves but for our family (knowing the Filipino culture, LOL).

Anyway, I am currently processing my NCLEX application, on my own. I and my mom worked hard for the money I (we’re) using for my application, thus applying thru an Agency will surely cost me (us) twice the amount I would spend if I’d do it myself.

Disclaimer: EVERY step and process on this blog is solely from my experience/opinion.

Note: I am applying for the state of Minnesota. I believe process would be more or less the same with other states but with different requirements.

Three things I’d say you have to have first before applying for NCLEX:

(1) Knowledge on the process/requirements – I Google every possible information I would need.

(2) Patience – Google is very helpful, but it is also not helpful. With all the information posted online and elsewhere, sometimes, instead of helping they’d confuse me. I suggest use and believe only the credible sites/blog.

(3) Money/Credit Card – I paid for my CGFNS CES fee using CC for $300 USD (I just checked CGFNS website and now it says $350) FYI: IELTS – Not yet necessary to be able to take the NCLEX, why you say? See picture below.

CGFNS – (1) A type of Exam required in some states before being allowed to take the NCLEX. (2) Is NOT an examination (in my case), they’re just the ones that verify your documents, as “real and not tampered”. As their website says: The CGFNS International CES Professional Report provides a detailed analysis of the credentials earned at multiple levels of nursing education received outside the United States according to requirements specific to a state. Nurses use this service for licensure, immigration, and employment purposes. (No copyright intended)

CFGNS Registration- Choose the service: Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report Application (CES Report) [ CES Professional report is for RN’s in PH if your not a RN but graduated with BSN Degree, you may choose Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) Academic Report ] CGFNS Website: or this  (The Link should bring you to registration)

Advice for DYI doers like me?

1. PRAY. A lot.

2. Make sure every form you fill out are filled with correct information. No back button, as far as I remember.

3. Read and comprehend the steps, requirement, etc. To save time and money. (I’ll tell you why in the next post)

4. Don’t rush. Too much.

5. Always be grateful for all and every help you get (specially the unexpected).

*** I just got off work so I am pretty tired. I will be posting other steps I have in the next days or in a week.

*** God Bless Nurses 🙂

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