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NCLEX DIY Style Part 1

As of the moment Nursing, or should I say Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the top choice for High School Students going to college (specially the one’s who wants to migrate elsewhere). For some reason the vocation, a calling to serve others became a job, a business or sometimes a ‘racket’. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against it, we all, are working hard and doing our best not just for ourselves but for our family (knowing the Filipino culture, LOL).

Anyway, I am currently processing my NCLEX application, on my own. I and my mom worked hard for the money I (we’re) using for my application, thus applying thru an Agency will surely cost me (us) twice the amount I would spend if I’d do it myself.

Disclaimer: EVERY step and process on this blog is solely from my experience/opinion.

Note: I am applying for the state of Minnesota. I believe process would be more or less the same with other states but with different requirements.

Three things I’d say you have to have first before applying for NCLEX:

(1) Knowledge on the process/requirements – I Google every possible information I would need.

(2) Patience – Google is very helpful, but it is also not helpful. With all the information posted online and elsewhere, sometimes, instead of helping they’d confuse me. I suggest use and believe only the credible sites/blog.

(3) Money/Credit Card – I paid for my CGFNS CES fee using CC for $300 USD (I just checked CGFNS website and now it says $350) FYI: IELTS – Not yet necessary to be able to take the NCLEX, why you say? See picture below.

CGFNS – (1) A type of Exam required in some states before being allowed to take the NCLEX. (2) Is NOT an examination (in my case), they’re just the ones that verify your documents, as “real and not tampered”. As their website says: The CGFNS International CES Professional Report provides a detailed analysis of the credentials earned at multiple levels of nursing education received outside the United States according to requirements specific to a state. Nurses use this service for licensure, immigration, and employment purposes. (No copyright intended)

CFGNS Registration- Choose the service: Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report Application (CES Report) [ CES Professional report is for RN’s in PH if your not a RN but graduated with BSN Degree, you may choose Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) Academic Report ] CGFNS Website: or this  (The Link should bring you to registration)

Advice for DYI doers like me?

1. PRAY. A lot.

2. Make sure every form you fill out are filled with correct information. No back button, as far as I remember.

3. Read and comprehend the steps, requirement, etc. To save time and money. (I’ll tell you why in the next post)

4. Don’t rush. Too much.

5. Always be grateful for all and every help you get (specially the unexpected).

*** I just got off work so I am pretty tired. I will be posting other steps I have in the next days or in a week.

*** God Bless Nurses 🙂

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Why IELTS is not necessary for NCLEX.
Why IELTS is not necessary for NCLEX.

16 thoughts on “NCLEX DIY Style Part 1

    1. Hello Anitha!

      Academic (for Professionals) is required for NCLEX however regarding the band score it depends on the state you are going to take the nclex. As for Minnesota total band score should be 7.0 and each category should not be below 6.5 last time I checked.


  1. Hello, can i ask if we need ielts for registration or still the same step like you have before. I’m planning to apply for registration. I have a few questions if i may ask because, I’m also planning to diy my registration. 1) Did you apply first to cgfns before submitting the application to mnstateboard? Or apply to mnsbn first then cgfns 2) once you mail your application to mnsbn how did you send the payment? 3) what review materials or review center dis you attend? Thank you for answering my questions in the future 🙂


    1. Hi Pen. When I registered with CGFNS they didn’t require me to submit IELTS. However the MN BON did, you’ll have to ask the IELTS committee to send the result directly to BON.

      (1) I registered almost at the same time, actually. I registered with CGFNS then MN BON right after that. Same day, just diff time.

      (2) I paid online using CC. I don’t remember sending anything directly to MN BON. All docs where sent to CGFNS (then CGFNS will forward them to BON). You should receive a confirmation e-mail from MN BON acknowledging the receipt of your papers. By this time I suggest to call/email BON just to check on your status (they respond the following day) and if they need something else from you (in my case they needed the IELTS — CGFNS didn’t but BON does).

      (3) Saunder’s NCLEX Q&A App, Kaplan and Hurst. (I suggest you make friends with people who will also take the NCLEX so you can share access to each review materials instead of paying for all of it) — Please share your access with me too. I’m in the US now and I want to review, again.

      **Tip: For review materials: If you want a little bit of fun or energetic type of teaching, Hurst will have the advantage. If you want to get used/practice more with NCLEX style questions, Kaplan has the upper hand.

      Good Luck!


      1. Thanks for the info, it’s such a great help. I’m considering MN state for my NCLEX, but not yet sure thou still checking other state that is easier and lesser requirements for filipino nurses. of course I’ll be happy to share it to you 🙂 and by the way all payment including MNBon accepts credit card? Or cheque? Planning to take the exam again? Wow it’s nice that your already there. 🙂 Godbless


      2. @Pen Hi! Sorry for the delay. I paid using CC and processed everything online.

        I hope everything is doing well with your review/exam. I’ll be waiting for your review access. Thanks!


    1. Last time I checked its 7.0 in total with no less than 6.5 in any category. Better check their website though. Also, theirs a thing called NLC (Nurse Licensure Compact ) [] I suggest you take the NCLEX in any of the NLC state so you’ll be able to practice in different states with one license, something like a reciprocity. I’m still in the process of understanding this before making any post. God Bless!


  2. Hi, I would like to know how you filled out the form for registered nurse licensure by examination application? I am slightly confused on the part, where they asked me about “BUSINESS NAME” or BUSINESS ADDRESS? Did you fill out that part?
    also, Did you send first the forms to MN BON? or you sent everything together?
    Hoping for your response.

    thank you


    1. Hi Bea. I don’t remember filling in any information regarding business. It’s been over 2 years since I applied but, I do remember only giving them information that I have (in this case I don’t have a business name/address so I left it blank). I didn’t send anything to BON, I went to my University and they sent it to CGFNS, I also went to PRC and they sent my documents directly to CGFNS as well. CGFNS sent my validated report to BON. My IELTS report was also sent directly to BON from IDP. Please bare in mind that if your school is asking you to send the document to CGFNS/BON the return address should be your school and not your address or else they’ll reject it. God Bless!


      1. thank you so much for your reply.
        But I have one more question, Did you not fill out the information for Registered Nurse by examination sheet and paid $115? Because I checked on their website and a document abovementioned is asked to be printed out. I am a little confuse if I should send this information sheet before or right after I finish all the CES docs. hehehe Thank you again


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