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Okay, I received my ATT months ago but  was only able to update this blog due to review schedule and all. Anyway, now, I can say that I have the right to share how I applied for NCLEX Exam DIY, with confidence (meaning I  did the right steps) ;p

Again, I applied for state of Minnesota.

1. Apply for CGFNS CES, once cleared and they have confirmed that the documents were sent to BON.

(Note: Every document they received from you will have a corresponding email response with the subject: CGFNS International Document Receipt and the last email I received from them is marked as #1 in pictures below)

(TIP: Send the documents from your school with the school address as a return to address even if your the one sending it to CGFNS. Note, they do NOT accept documents coming from students: IELTS result, TOR and PRC docs.

Confusing? To clarify my school gave me my TOR and all other papers that CGFNS requested from my school to be sent to them–which the school is suppose to send. But in our country or at least in my school they gave that responsibility to me, thus and technically I WILL be the one to send the documents to CGFNS. I made a grave mistake in putting MY address as a return to address (instead of the school) which they rejected and made the process longer and more expensive (another 1,500php mail fee).

Length of time:3-4 months (not counting the error I made with the ‘return to address’)


2. Register and Pay for the $200 fee at

(Note: On the website after registration you will see START THE REGISTRATION PROCESS – do it)

Length of time: Real Time (for registration) and within 24hrs for payment receipt.


3. ATT. (Yes, the long awaited ATT is finally here)

(Note: After registration and payment confirmation from pearsonvue I received my ATT sent by MN BON via email within 24hrs)


4. Your PEARSONVUE account will have something that looks like pic #2 (see below). Just click on the blue hyperlink:NCLEX-RN: The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses for scheduling, exam location and another $150 payment.

(After clicking on the hyperlink it should be directed to pic #3-4)

(ATT Validity depend on the state you are applying to and you will also see it in your account and on the pics posted)

Length of time: Real time.


5. Quick Result. The quick result option will only be enabled once the result is available  (duh.Lol) which means 2 days after the exam (but for PH time its after 3 days). And you have to pay around USD 8.

(See Pic#5)


Congratulations, you have passed the NCLEX!

*Next I will post: FAQs. Which most has been answered on this and previous post. 🙂


4 thoughts on “NCLEX DIY STYLE PART 2

  1. Hi! Thank you for sharing your experience. Gusto ko lang sana malaman kung pwede kang mamili kung saan ka mag exam. Kung pupwede is sa America nalang mag exam? Paano mp pala sinend, nagprint ka tapos answered it handwritten? And can you please upload the pics bigger po. Hindi ko po kasi makita kahit sobrang zoom ko na po. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!


    1. Exam = You can take your NCLEX axam anywhere na meron Personvue Office (my friend took it sa USA pero pareho kami nagreview dito sa PH)
      Pics = Chineck ko na yung mga pic they seem fine and clear without having to zoom in.

      Paano mp pala sinend, nagprint ka tapos answered it handwritten — Are you pertaining to the CGFNS document request for your School/PRC? You fill it out online and have it printed. Give the printed copy to PRC/School they should know what to do next.

      God Bless!


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