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The expense of applying for J1/Au Pair Visa

Okay, I know I previously wrote how costly it can be when applying for a tourist visa to USA but I didn’t know it will also be THIS expensive to get the Au Pair visa. Initially, I thought I would only be paying for the fees in having my documents Authenticated (budget php 1000) and the Visa Application fee (php 8000), I was hell wrong. I will try my best to enumerate all the money I spent for the J-1 Visa.

Things to note:

  • Home: Cubao, Quezon City
  • DFA Office in Ali Mall (**Feedback hyperlink**)
  • NSO in East Ave. (**feedback**)
  • Medical Exam in Sparks Place Cubao
  • Local Agency in Makati (**SSYEI feedback hyperlink**)
  • US Embassy in Manila (**visa application instruction hyperlink)
  • Currency in Philippine Peso and Prices as of 2016, otherwise specified


March 15, 2016 – Day 1 : Process Required Docs

– Jeep to NSO (East Ave.): 7.00

– NSO Doc Fee: 335.00 (Birth Cert – 140; Cenomar – 195)

– Jeep going home: 7.00

March 16, 2016 – Day 2 : Process Required Docs

– Jeep to EDSA: 7.00

– Bus to Valenzuela: 28.00

– College TOR: 150.00 (Note: HS TOR is Required but I wanted to bring my College records too)

– Bus back to Cubao: 30.00

– Jeep going home: 7.00

March 17, 2016 – Day 3 : Process Required Docs

– Ask Mom to request for HS TOR and Diploma verified by DFA.

– Note: My HS is back in the province of Leyte which was destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan.

– Mom needs to visit CHED office for Region 8 – she did on this day but Director is not around.

– It took 2 weeks before my mother was able to get a hold of the very “Busy”Regional Director. Got him signed the Docs.

– Once verified by Regional CHED office, it has to be verified by DFA, in Manila.

– Total Cost: 1110.00 (Doc Sent to Province – 180; Sent back to MNL – 180; Stamp/Signature from Ched – 250; Ched Snack – 500 [to get my papers moving])

March 18, 2016 – Day 4 : Process Required Docs

– Medical Check Up – Free (because the company I worked for had an Annual Check up)

– Med Cert – 350.00 (for the results, signature, etc.)

—— Waiting Game …… 2-3 weeks later ——-

April 6, 2016 – Day 5 : Process Required Docs

– Jeep to NSO: 7.00

– Receive NSO and Cenomar

– Jeep to EDSA: 7.00

– Bus to Valenzuela: 23.00

– Collect TOR

April 7, 2016 – Day 6 : Process Required Docs

– Jeep to DFA: 7.00

– DFA CAV fee: 800.00 [TOR, Birth Cert, Cenomar] (200.00/doc for Rush after a day; 100.00/doc for Regular after 1 weeks)

– Bus to Magallanes (Heading to Local Agency): 30.00

– Jeep to City Land, Makati: 7.00

– Submit Photocopy/unauthenticated Docs (Local Agency Feedback in different Post)

– Jeep going back to Cubao: 35.00

– Tricycle going home: 25.00

April 11, 2016 – Day 7 : Process Required Docs

– Jeep to EDSA: 7.00

– Bus to Magallanes: 30.00

– Jeep to Makati: 7.00

– Show the Office your Authenticated Copy of Docs (Note: YOU keep the CAV)

– The Local Agency will now provide you the Banking details and the Fees you have to Pay

– Jeep to EDSA: 7.00

– Bus to Cubao: 35.00

– Tricycle going Home: 25.00

April 12, 2016 – Day 8 : (Real) Application Process Start

– Jeep to Farmer’s Cubao/RCBC: 7.00

– Deposit Local Agency/Program Fee: USD 1,200 (php 58,400 – Tip: Request a copy of deposit slip from the Bank)

– Bus to Magallanes: 30.00

– Jeep to Makati: 7.00

– Submit a copy of Program Fee Deposit Slip; Then they’ll give you another instruction to pay for the VISA Application Fee (you can get this by yourself online)

– Jeep to EDSA: 7.00

– Bus to Cubao: 35.00

– Tric Home: 25.00

April 14, 2016 – Day 8 : (Real) Application Process Start

– Tric to BPI: 25.00 (Note: US Visa Applicationย  can only be paid in BPI, bring the receipt number or the piece of paper the Agency gave you because the bank and you will need it)

– Deposit Visa Application fee: 7,860 (TIP: Pay this before 10am so you can schedule an Appointment 4 hour after. Do not repeat my mistake, I deposited after Lunch and I had to wait until 4pm the following day to schedule an appointment. Every minute counts since a lot of people is applying for a visa).

– Tric going home: 25.00

April 19, 2016 – Day 9 : (Real) Application Process Start

– I was lucky to get the single available spot just a couple of days after I paid.

– Uber going to US Embassy: 280.00 (Don’t stress yourself with traffic, you have to look pleasant in front of the Consular Officer)

– Interview Info in diff post.

– FX going to EDSA: 35.00

– Bus to Cubao: 25.00

– Tric going Home: 25.00

May 13, 2016 – Day 9 : CFO Orientation

– FX to Buendia: 50.00

– Taxi Buendia to CFO Office: 70.00

– CFO Fee: 450.00

– Pedecab Back to Buendia: 50.00

– FX back to Cubao: 50.00

– Tric going Home: 25.00


—– After two months of processing and 3 weeks after getting approved —-

May 18, 2016 – Flight Date to USA

– Uber to Airport: 305

– Travel Tax: 1,650

Total: 72,519.00

> Is this cash-out worth it? Follow my future blog on my experience.

Disclaimer: The total does not include the photocopy fees, snacks and waters I purchased. I’m a thrifty person so I bring food/water whenever I can.

**Please note that I am still working with other post/links and I’ll try to update the soonest.






7 thoughts on “The expense of applying for J1/Au Pair Visa

  1. i would
    ike to ask what agency was that and how can I also process the docs on my own? I’m an RN but I really want to go to US as well but Dont have enough nursing experience that’s why I would like to try this route. But if you have suggestions, I am open ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hi Yen! As of now I cannot guarantee that using this route (Au Pair) you or I’ll be able to find a job and convert to an H1 Visa since I’m still under contract for the Au Pair, I however plan to start looking for a Job (hopefully as a USRN) 3 months prior the end of my contract next year and my host parents are very supportive about it. I believe you found y blog post about the documents process. I would suggest for you to wait for the GAP to refer you to a local agency. Mine was SSAYEI and I have nothing good to say about them (sorry i haven’t updated the post with my feedback to local agency yet.. my hand is kinda full for now).


  2. Hi. I’m planning to apply rin as an aupair through SSYEI pero mas mahal ata if sila lahat kikilos sa papers mo aabot above 100k when i inquired about the program. buti nalang nabasa ko yung post mo about GAP ๐Ÿ™‚ sis ilang weeks bago ka naka hanap ng host family? thanks in advance. hope to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hi Del,

      I know I haven’t posted my feedback about SSYEI but I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. They don’t process your documents, you will — all they do is tell you what to get and to have them authenticated (which I already did in this blog). I didn’t find my host family, it was my host family who found me in 3 weeks from the time I registered with GAP. I tried looking for a family myself but finding a match can be tricky and you want to make sure you’re matched with the right family.

      I’ve met other Au Pairs and they’re not happy with anything (situation, allowance, etc). To me, it boils down to finding the right family so please don’t be hasty in accepting offers just because you want to leave — remember, you will spend at least a year with the family and you’d want to enjoy it. I know it’s an unsolicited advice but I want my fellow filipina’s to have a great time as I do now. TIP: Be honest and open with your profile and during your skype talk with the family, this way you’ll gauge if it’s a match. Talk to your host family at least 3x as I did. I cannot find the word to describe how happy I am to be matched with them.

      All the best,


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